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Worried about a Hedgehog?

If you are ever worried about the health or welfare of a hedgehog, please call the British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890801 and they will be able to give you advice, and put you in touch with a local rescue centre if necessary.

Category: Hedgehog Videos

To post videos of the Glatton Hedgehogs.

This was a tight squeeze when 3 hogs decided to feed all at once.

The blackbirds love Tesco Kitten food and the Woodpecker(s) come regularly in the early evening for drinks.

A partial success in thwarting the cat last night. He did eventually move the whole box off one bowl. I think the addition of a weight on top of the box will do the trick. Thanks to ‘Hog Parents’ Amanda Read more…

This is so funny.  2 hogs already in the box and another turns up. A very tight squeeze.

This hedgehog is happily popping round every night, here is a short montage of his/her activities.

I have not seen this hog in the garden before, identifiable by two stripes. The one stripe hog (see second video and previous posts) comes nightly now, along with 3 unmarked hogs (see previous posts). Eating me out of house Read more…

A lot of activitity last night.  The two hogs went on to mate behind the screen. Discrete but noisy! Later there was a rival which was not welcome. A lot of activity at the feeding box through the night.