Worried about a Hedgehog?

If you are ever worried about the health or welfare of a hedgehog, please call the British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890801 and they will be able to give you advice, and put you in touch with a local rescue centre if necessary.

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4 years on, what a success the Shrepreth/Glatton Parish Council initiative has been.

Lovely to see 2 hedgehogs back in my garden last night.

Although it is the 5th November 2021, I still have active hedgehogs in my garden. So please keep putting food out.

So pleased to see 3 hedgehogs together in my garden last night, although one was not welcomed wholeheartedly by all.

Lovely to see a hedgehog back in my garden last night.

For the first time last night I had no hogs visiting to feed. I suspect this is due to nightly visits from a badger.

This is a video of one of our local hedgehogs anointing, I believe this was taken in June 2019. Self-anointing in animals, sometimes called anointing or anting, is a behaviour whereby an animal smears odoriferous substances over themselves. These substances Read more…

I am putting out much more food than usual at the moment as I appear to have an adult hedgehog with 4 (?) youngsters.  They are putting on weight but I am a bit concerned they may not survive hibernation. Read more…

Following their classification as ‘vulnerable to extinction’ on the UK red list, British Hedgehog Preservation Society has launched a new petition to increase hedgehog legal protection. Their current protection doesn’t address any of the key reasons why hedgehogs are declining, Read more…

We’re really pleased that we have had a hog back feeding since the badger visit. Luckily it hasn’t scared them all off. Sadly, we found a very tiny hog dead in our front garden. It had some damage to its Read more…